Monday, January 30, 2012

Treking in Nepal -- Gokyo Ri

In the end of 2011, I was trekking in Nepal's Sagarmatha National Park.

This is a photo collage taken from Gokyo Ri (5357 m) inspired by David Hockney.It took about 3 roll of films.

From Gokyo Ri you can see five 8,000 metre peaks - Mount Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Kangchen Junga, and cho oyu.  The largest glacier in Nepal, Ngozumpa Glacier, flows down the valley floor covered in gray rocks. Its lateral moraine dams several lakes. To the left of Third Gokyo Lake is Gokyo village (4750 m), a small cluster of teahouses for trekkers and climbers. I stayed there for 3 days and it is far from enough.

As it was the off-peak winter season, there were only 3 guests in the teahouse. What can be more perfect than to enjoy a pot of milk tea in the sunlit lobby surrounded by big glass windows, feeling the 4750m's sunshine on your shoulder and listening to the blowing wind and lapping of water outside? Or chatting in the stove firelight under the starry sky in the night? That's a moment of peace I have been dreamed for.